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I Learned More In One Lesson Than In 4 Years At Music School
“Not going to lie, I learned more in one lesson then I did in four years at my music school in college! This man is amazing and makes it SO simple to learn. I was singing and speaking differently the very same day. Every singer can learn a thing or two from John Davies!”

-Jessica Felman

I’m An Actor, and I Needed Help To Improve My Voice Fast For A Film
John has worked with me as both a vocal instructor and vocal producer and I can absolutely recommend him! John is the vocal coach you’ve been searching for, so you can stop looking… phew!!!

I’m an actor and I needed to improve my voice quickly for a part in a film. Not only did John fix the years of damage to my voice that other vocal instructors have caused but he also bought out my punk/rock voice for the role and gave me the confidence I needed in the recording studio.

John is not just one of the world’s best vocal producers but he is also a mentor and continues to help me in my career. I would recommend John to anyone looking for a first class vocal coach or vocal producer!

There are two types of vocal teachers.. ones that teach you how to sing the right way or ones that teach you the wrong way. John Davies is an instuctor who teaches you the right way. I have had many vocal teachers in my life, but i can honestly say that John Davies is by far the best and im sure all of his students would agree. He has been teaching me for three years in both Sydney Australia and Los Angeles where I am currently living. Each time I go to him I learn something new.

John has vocal techniques and tricks that no other teacher that I’ve ever had has taught. Looking back on what I was like before I went to John Davies there was a major transformation.

John Davies had brought me on an amazing journey and I feel secure that my voice is being nourished and guided in the right direction.

-@amygreenland via yp.com

Recommended Whether You Are A Beginner, Competing Or In A Professional Career
I recommend John Davies (Singer, Performer, Writer & Composer) for all your singing / vocal lessons, tips, training, guidance whether you are a beginner, competing or in a professional career.

His knowledge and skills are world known and appreciated as well he is available for anyone globally.

I come from the Opera/Classic field, although John teaches ALL types of singing from pop, country, blues, jazz, modern to opera for all voices – John is highly skilled in delivering the method of ‘old school’ vocal teaching, and relates extremely well to all levels of students or professionals.

– Raffaele Pierno, International Tenor, Naples, Italy

Thanks To John, I Have A Career As A Concert Performer
I have been privileged, honored and greatly enlightened having John as my singing coach for the past 15 years. His vast knowledge about everything to do with singing and having a singing career is extraordinary. There has never been a question he has not been able to answer with great insight or a vocal problem he has not been able to fix. The man is a genius and I’m not the first person to know the truth in this.

How fortunate that he chose singing as his profession and that he so generously shares his knowledge with the world. It is truly amazing that he is accessible!

I couldn’t recommend him enough he is truly in a league of his own. Thanks to him I have a career as a concert performer and also a singing instructor.

I have had many successes and I attribute them directly to John and his powerful and transforming teachings.
– @carolinewilson, 03/23/2011

John Davies Has Helped Transform My Voice and My Career
John Davies is a remarkable vocal coach. He understands the voice like few people do. I’ve always considered myself priviledged and fortunate to have had Maestro John Davies as my singing teacher.

I started my training with him in 1993 and have continued my vocal training and development under his guidance all thoughout these years. My vocal improvement with him was instantaneous and dramatic, opening up my vocal range and gaining a whole upper register.

John teaches you the fundamental principles of the voice that a singer needs to know that works in synergy with the natural physiology of the body, helping you to understand the body’s relationship with the voice thus enabling you to enhance the voice and control it.

I have found he has been able to draw upon his vast experience and expertise to guide and mentor you through your vocal development and career. A career that John has certainly been able to help me with in advice and direction being himself a professional performer on a world stage.

Because of his extensive knowledge of the voice, John is also an expert at recording the voice in a recording studio and has been the sound producer of 2 CDs I have made in my career.

I thoroughly recommend John Davies as a vocal coach. He has helped tranform my voice to high standards and as such my career.

– Walter Fiorito – International and Caberet performer (Sydney, Australia)

In Just Seven Days My Voice Changed Completely
“Last summer, I thought that my vocal development had reached a dead end. Moreover, time was running out to fix the problem before I had to audition for admission into college. Then, I heard about maestro John Davies. Two weeks later, I became his student after attending his Vocal Camp in Los Angeles.

At the camp, I realized that I had a confused mixture of bad singing habits and misconceptions about singing. In just seven days my voice changed completely. I learned quickly because Maestro Davies is a clear, practical, and very comprehensible instructor.

I cherish and admire his vocal instruction because I know that he is not teaching a collection of “theories” from textbooks. Rather, his lessons comply with physics and are medically sound. Moreover, he teaches vocal techniques that he applies in his performances all over the world. This makes his instruction absolutely unique and priceless.

Over the past year, maestro Davies has taught me to think (and how to do it) while I sing so that my old singing habits disappeared and my voice continues to improve rapidly. I feel as though I have a new instrument to work with every time I have a lesson with the maestro — it’s exhilarating!

After only four lessons at his studio, I recorded my “preliminary audition CD” for the USC Thornton School of Music and I was invited to audition at the USC campus soon afterward. I am thrilled because even after singing in an elite choir for almost ten years and after singing at various celebrated venues, I have never sung so well in my life!

Maestro John Davies is a teacher who is absolutely in a class by himself: he has no peers. I thank God for the opportunity to learn under his tutelage!”

– Chesed Escobedo. Opera: Mezzo-Soprano

An Intuitive Teacher With A Vision
“I have just started singing lessons with John Davies, and with the few that I have had, I could not wish for a better instructor. I recently took a long break from singing but have been through many previous teachers.

However never before have I had such an intuitive teacher with a vision and plan of action for me. He is open, has a wealth of knowlege and instead of using obscure descriptions of techniques he will demonstrate and use laymans terms to help you get it right.

Additionally he has the ability to transcend genres with his knowlege of music and technique, in order to apply what’s most suitable to you, at the same time challenging you to remain diverse.

For the first time I feel that I have a goal for my singing, and we will get there. Quickly.

I think I’ll stick with this one 🙂 ”

– Erika Ancien – pop/modern jazz

John Davies Is An Absolute Magician
“John Davies is an absolute magician with the voice – both his and the singers that he works with.

When I first met John my baritone voice was in a mess. To be frank, I was having trouble speaking. John was able to repair the years of abuse and damage that had occured, and then help me prepare for sustained singing in a variety of genres. Most notable was the singing I have done over a number of years leading the service at my local Temple.

If you are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to learn from John Davies, you should grab it!”

-David Solomon

John Was Able To Help Me With My Chronic Illness Through Singing
“I found John Davies a few years ago by complete accident and once I realised the calibre of his career, I was astonished that he even agreed to take on a complete beginner like me.

He has taught me an amazing amount about how to use my body to create beautiful amazing sounds and develop it to be able to sustain any level of career I wish to choose.

As an exceptional added bonus for me John was able to help me with my chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) through singing using his techniques. One year after starting with John I was well enough to start my own small business, which I now have a hand-full of staff and growing rapidly.

At the same time I was blessed to be able to join the esteemed Sydney Philharmonia Choir and perform in the beautiful Sydney Opera House several time during 2010.

If you are wanting to sing in any form, a solid foundation in Opera will allow you to sing anything. I love Musical theatre and hope to soon audition for local productions and as a Mezzo-Soprano there a many roles I will be able to try for.

I have recommend John to anyone who has the desire to become the best they can be.”

-Sarah Belmonte

I feel incredibly fortunate to be studying with John Davies as a vocal instructor
“I feel incredibly fortunate to be studying with John Davies as a vocal instructor. After studying with him for only 2 months, I’ve experienced a plethora of side benefits that extend beyond just singing alone.

Since I was a child, I had dealt with various respiratory issues but have always wanted to sing. Not only has John helped me to obtain a clearer, more resonant voice, but he has also dramatically improved my ability to breathe. While studying with John, my respiratory sensitivity and allergies have disappeared.

I am no longer chained to allergy medications and strong nasal sprays (if you live in L.A., you know how bad the pollution can get!). With his training, I am getting the oxygen I never knew I’d been missing out on; that in itself leads to relaxation and many other benefits.

Who knew that learning how to sing properly could fix so many things you never knew were broken? John is *extremely* knowledgable and experienced when it comes to singing and all things related to it; I highly recommend him as a vocal instructor. ”

Emyvel Tibangin – Los Angeles

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