Voice Lessons Los Angeles

by on July 4, 2012

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Voice Lessons Los Angeles

I will help you. And I will get you to your goal quickly.
I want you to be a success.
Do you want to get voice lessons los angeles in order to:

    • be a finalist on American Idol
    • nail those high notes every time
    • be a star of cabaret
    • be a soloist at your church
    • express your inner self to the world through your voice
    • be the lead singer in your own band
    • be a commanding presence at the speaker’s podium
    • be a valued member of your choir
    • voice lessons los angeles to help you be the next great opera singer
    • be a cantor at your temple
    • voice lessons to excel as a public speaker
    • bring joy to others with your singing
    • learn how to be the coolest jazz singer on record
    • the list goes on


Well, I can make that happen. Take a listen to some of my singing lessons students.

Jasmine – Pop/R&B Singer (Video)

Paige – Jazz/Blues Singer (Video)

Judit – Classical/Opera Singer (Video)

voice lessons los angeles

Voice Lessons Los Angeles

So many aspiring artists looking for voice lessons Los Angeles know deep down that they can sing, but they simply don’t know where to start in developing their talent. With the right singing instruction, it’s very possible to turn a promising voice into a profitable career.

The right level of vocal coaching can be crucial when turning a promising singing voice into a marketable artist. Many artists lack confidence, technique, experience, or a combination of many other things. Vocal training helps on all levels.

Many artists also don’t know where to start to get their voice heard, and may need guidance with their singing career, as well as training in coping with auditions.

Voice Lessons Los Angeles

John Davies will happily offer a 1 hour, obligation-free consultation, specifically designed to help even the shyest singer to relax and showcase their current singing voice. After evaluating the current level of vocal development the student is at, John Davies will work with the student to bring out the very best in their vocal quality and tone that is within them.
voice lessons los angeles

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Call Us: (323) 850-2737Free - 60 minute consultation FacebookYou TubeRSS Feed

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