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Singing Teacher Los Angeles

Do people have to pay for singing lessons?

Don’t laugh! I have fielded that question quite often.

Before the economic downturn, my standard rate was $250 per hour.
When the downturn hit, my rate went down to $200.
In the middle of the downturn, it was $150…

Everybody has to do their bit to help out.

Now, as of September, 2011, my students have been paying $100 an hour.

BUT, if you can’t quite make that, and you really want to study seriously, tell me what you CAN afford and I’ll consider it based on your musical skills and personal circumstances.

These are not very easy times; I understand that.

And don’t forget that if you think you want to study with me, I will see you for an initial one-hour consultation for FREE.

Seriously, the best way to start is to come and meet and we’ll find out where your voice is, what it is up to and what, if anything, needs to be done.

And it will cost you nothing. And you’re not obliged at all to study with me.

I’ll give you an honest and accurate opinion. I’m always happy to help.

If you have extremely difficult financial circumstances, but you also have an amazing potential, I may train you for FREE.

Yes, it’s true. I constantly have a couple of people studying with me for free. And they get the same lessons as A-level singers who were paying $250 before the recession hit.

The industry rate for contracted recording and stage artists is not affected by the recession.

Ethically, I can not offer a reduction for vocal physical therapy.

Thank you for coming by. Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email at the contact page.

Bye for now!

Singing Teacher Los Angeles

Singing Lessons Los Angeles, Singing Teacher Los Angeles

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Call Us: (323) 850-2737Free - 60 minute consultation FacebookYou TubeRSS Feed

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