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“My buddies used to cover their ears and tell me to hush up every time I sang, but I showed THEM!”

John first sang publicly in 6th grade. He was one of three main soloists in his grade school choir. It was a very big choir, and it gave public performances center-stage at large shopping malls like Americana in Sydney, Australia.

In 10th grade, he started a covers band and it was really successful, but even though he started the band, his buddies would not let him sing in it! They said he sounded really bad. So he just played. He did that really well.

In 11th grade, he got a contract with ABC to play music for TV shows. After that, like everybody else, he went to college, but kept playing professionally the whole time. He studied foreign languages at college, and just did a couple of fill-in courses in music – mostly because they were very easy for him.

BUT, he also secretly started going to singing lessons. He told no-one, because he knew that there was great potential for embarrassment in singing – he knew all about that! If it happened that he really WAS such a bad singer, nobody would know anything about it except his teacher.

The lessons worked out fine, and the rest is history. He wound up with three graduate degrees – from University of Sydney (performance studies), from Trinity College, London (singing) and finally, from The Royal Schools of Music (singing again).

The next time his buddies heard him sing, they were speechless! But their girlfriends were VERY interested in the new voice!

So…. as a young baritone, he knew that it was dangerous to step into the classical arena with older guys – they would wipe the floor with him – that’s an age thing with voices. Instead, he started working as a lounge singer in 5-stars. He did the shows with Grahame Mackay at Rydges, then moved on to Intercontinental and became artistic director of Ritz Carlton. He sang every jazz/blues/ballad written.

As a classical singer, he was appointed principal baritone and artistic director of the City of Sydney Ensemble, which delivered the official Australian Bicentenary Opera Recital series. This was a great start to an ongoing career as a concert artist and recording artist.

In 2000, he was selected by the government of The Peoples’ Republic of China as the male representative of the western face of music, and was on prime-time TV for several months on SBN – China.

To date he has sung live in, or been broadcast to an audience of more than 2 Billion people in more than 130 countries, and he has more than 120 unique recording titles, which he either performed or produced, registered with ASCAP/APRA.

MA (Univ Syd)
LRSM (Royal Schools of Music)
LTCL (Trinity College, London)

Multiple US and international awards.

John not only trains singers – he can actually SING, and he sure showed his buddies!

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