Singing Lessons In Los Angeles With John Davies

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Is this you…?

  • Can’t quite get those high notes?
  • Got a thin, squeaky voice, and want to improve it?
  • Want to learn how to breathe for singing?
  • Heard of support, but don’t quite get it?
  • Not loud enough?
  • Want to know how to get a manager?
  • Don’t know what to do to record?
  • Don’t know how to even start into the singing business?
  • Don’t even know what questions to ask?

Singing Lessons Los Angeles
1040 N. Poinsettia Pl
West Hollywood
Los Angeles CA 90046

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Voice Lessons

It’s ALL about YOU!

You have questions, dreams hopes and aspirations. In you imagination, you see YOU getting out of the limo onto the red carpet. You see YOU standing and taking the loud applause you always wanted.

You can see the looks on your friends’ faces when they hear what you sound like after all your hard work. You see your sounds floating up to Heaven in praise.

You want to be your best. You want to be the star.

You just want your dream to come true.

There are hundreds of different dreams, maybe one of the above is yours, but if it’s not, I know all about the dreams you might have… I had them myself!

I am motivated by a passion for your success. My job is to translate your dreams into realities, AND give you an amazing voice. And I CAN do that; and I have been doing it for a long time. Read what my students say about me if you like [click here].

All those guys started out with nothing but a dream – just like you.

Vocal Coaching


So call me now on (323) 850-2737 or send me an email [click here].

If I’m teaching, leave a message and REMEMBER, say your phone number very clearly.

You can also come for a FREE one hour consultation and introductory singing lesson.

I’m happy to do that for you – so you can experience what it is like to study with me. In that lesson, I’ll also be happy to answer all your vocal coaching questions and clear up your doubts.

(And yes; of course I also give voice lessons to complete beginners!)

Call (323) 850-2737 or

Read some client reviews [click here]

Hear some of my students [click here]
Send me a mail Click Here

I work in most genres, but not all – just ask.

I sing, I’m interested in singing, and I like to help people who want to start or resume singing lessons. My two rules are that singing lessons have to be successful so you achieve your goals and they have to be FUN!!

I can answer every question you can ask, and I can tell you about all the things you need to know to be successful as a singer in the music industry. I look forward to hearing from you so we can begin working together towards your career!


Singing Lessons Los Angeles
1040 N. Poinsettia Pl
West Hollywood
Los Angeles CA 90046

Call Us: (323) 850-2737

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Call Us: (323) 850-2737Free - 60 minute consultation FacebookYou TubeRSS Feed